Chapter 1

1. API First Concepts

APIs are the glue of the digital world. They are embeddable components like legos, in which the edges are connectable via HTTP Protocol.

API First ideates about to draft the ideas starting by the APIs, in common sense, it means that if you have good APIs, you will have great applications.

Everything starts at the level of the contract, which is the definition of the API’s capabilities, in other words: What the API does and how.

These definitions are defined under industry standards, which are Open API Specifications (OAS). The definition/contract represented through a JSON or YAML file, and it is commonly called the “Swagger file”.

Designing the API Contracts

To create great APIs, always starts on to clear and concise contracts (OAS/Swagger), although, to create those contracts is not an easy task, many misconceptions and learning curve can damage your API contract.

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